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    Sass-ee Spray Tan (8.5% DHA) – 4 oz


    The perfect blend of natural ingredients that will keep skin moisturized, radiant and hydrated throughout the tanning process, Sass-ee tanning solutions contain duo self-tanning agents and satin silk extracts, giving your skin a streak-free, luxuriously deep tan. Unlike most other tanning formulas, Sass-ee Tan does not use alcohol or other harsh chemicals that can cause dry skin and allergic reactions. Sass-ee Tan contains beneficial extracts resulting in all the benefits of a skincare product.
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    To protect, nourish and maintain its health and elasticity, moisturizing the skin is critical. Sass-ee moisturizing formulas are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and organic herbs to combat aging and leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. We use no artificial preservatives, petro-chemicals, colours or fragrances in our products. Lightly scented naturally with essential oils and organic essences, Sass-ee skin care products will delight the senses.

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